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Home Improvements Capital Campaign for the Wichita Street Campus.

campaign steering committee.

“This project is not about property or building a structure. It’s about investing in the lives of a future generation of children and families. To do this requires a community committed to caring for those who need it most. It requires sharing a vision — and having the foresight to move toward that vision.” Glenn and Julie Davidson,
Home Improvements Campaign Chairs
  • The Honorable Kay Granger,
    Honorary Chair
  • Glenn and Julie Davidson,
  • Laura and Greg Bird
  • Lou Ann Blaylock
  • Brien and Sally Culver
  • Darlene Mann
  • Lynn Newman
  • Lynn O’Day
  • Alan and Bonnie Petsche
  • Melisa Schultz
  • Valerie and Dub Stocker
  • Lou and Malcolm Street

case statement.

latest news.

To date, four buildings have been successfully renovated, one building has been newly constructed, and all five are now fully functional. The renovations we have completed as part of this project have already garnered positive, albeit partial, outcomes to reaching our project objectives.

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the need.

For tomorrow’s children, youth and families to receive the help they need, ACH Child & Family Services needs the help of generous individuals and organizations with a heart for children and families. Gifts from the community are vital to ACH’s ability to serve those most in need.

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the plans.

We are currently seeking to complete Phase I in order to be of greater service to rising volume of abused children in Texas and Tarrant County.

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the cost.

Renovation and construction for the Wichita Street Campus is being done in two phases. Phase I is budgeted to cost $15.5 million of which ACH is seeking $9.5 million in support from the philanthropic community.

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our story.

Abuse, neglect and family separation are significant problems in the communities we serve, and without help, the long-term impact on children can prevent them from living healthy, productive lives. Our programs are designed to prevent child abuse, neglect and family separation and help heal and treat children already affected by these tragedies.

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your gifts.

ACH has embarked on a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to renovate the Wichita Street Campus.

As a member of the community, you are invited to join this effort by making a gift to the campaign.

Your support will enable ACH to ultimately serve hundreds more children and families in our community.

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in the news.

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Download the Capital Campaign as a PDF (3.4 MB).

Download the Paul E. Andrews Family Welcome Center Brochure as a PDF (1.5 MB).

Download the Capital Campaign Phase I Construction Update (2 MB).


For more information, please contact:

Development Department

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